JSC "Samara Cable Company" was founded in 1952 and was called "Kuibyshev Communication Cables Plant". The Enterprise met the demand for copper communication cables of the majority of enterprises in the territory of the former USSR.

Today, Samara Cable Company is a modern enterprise with advanced technologies and up-to-date equipment. It has design and process engineering subdivisions, Test Centre, laboratories for quality analysis of materials and finished products.

Samara Cable Company has two successful Joint Ventures:

Packard Electric Systems/Samara Cable Company (PES/SCC) (1995) for manufacture of automotive wire harnesses, in cooperation with General Motors Corporation (USA);

Samara Optical Cable Company (SOCC) (1997) for manufacture of fiber optic communication cables, in cooperation with Corning Inc. (USA).

Over the past decade the Enterprise has modernized its production facilities which allowed to expand the product range and enter the energy and automotive markets. The Enterprise is a leader in production of automotive cables in Russia; it has approvals for deliveries from leading global automakers.

The Quality Management System of Samara Cable Company has been certified to:

  1. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 (DEKRA Certification, Germany);
  2. GOST R ISO 9001-2011 and GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (GOST R certification system, Russia);
  3. GOST RV 0015-002-2012 (Military Register, Russia).

Samara Cable Company produces a wide range of cables and wires of more than 10 thousand designations.

The main product lines are as follows:

  1. Copper telecommunication cables: high-frequency symmetrical trunk cables, including cables for laying along railways, high-frequency telephone cables for subscriber access digital networks xDSL;
  2. Signal and blocking cables;
  3. Control cables, including low smoke (ng - LS) and fire-resistant (ng - FRLS, FRHF) cables;
  4. Power cables for 0.66 to 6.0 kV, including low-smoke (ng - LS) and fire-resistant (ng - FRLS, FRHF) cables;
  5. Aerial non-insulated and self-supporting insulated cables;
  6. Automotive cables;
  7. Power wires and cords, communication wires.

The cables can be produced:

  • with insulation materials based on PE, XLPE, halogen free and low halogen compounds based on polyolefin and PVC with operating temperature range -40 +70°C (+90°C;+105°C;+125°C);
  • with such cable components as extruded, welded and tape aluminum screens, steel wire and steel tape armor.

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